For legal purposes, please read the following guidelines before submitting your request:

  • Please submit your request a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event
  • A 501(c)3 letter must be provided showing non-profit status
  • The applicant must be representative of the non-profit organization
  • The event must be closed to the public and a guest list must be instituted
  • A one-day ABC liquor license must be obtained under the name of the nonprofit organization if beer will be sold at the event, tickets will be sold to attend the event, or the event is open to the public
  • Donated beer cannot be served in a licensed bar or restaurant without temporary suspension of license in the area of the event for the duration of the event
  • By law, we are unable to donate any clothing or merchandise


Will you be obtaining a one-day event license from the ABC? *

I agree I have read the requirements above

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